Welcome to Hammer Striker,


We feature unbiased, politics-free firearms information, reviews & range demonstrations.


On our channel we perform table-top reviews, field-strip and reassembly of various firearms and accessories, including the all-important range demonstrations. Even the occasional knife, tool or unique weapon.


As we are pro-second amendment we also discuss the usefulness of a particular firearm for legal concealed-carry, target sports, hunting and simply collecting for the beauty of them.


All firearms being handled are unloaded and safety-checked before beginning (unless, of course we are shooting them at the range) even if this is not shown on the video.


Parents - this is a family-friendly channel. There will be no inappropriate or unsafe behavior with the firearms and we welcome you to allow your entire family to view our videos. The things they may learn from our videos will always be proper safe handling and useful information. Hammer Striker Productions.